New Zealand Made. Sizes 18 -28.

Photoshoot fun

Group shot at the end of the day in the Thames Butterfly Garden

The forecast was for a storm, not just rain, but the kind of storm only the Coromandel Peninsula can do. "Want to set a rain date Rach?" our photographer Mike Hill asked a few days prior? "Nope, but I reckon we can go to the Thames Butterfly Garden if the beach shots are rained out" I said and so it was set.

The day came, and we all rocked on up to Scott and Ross's house on the Thames Coast. Overlooking Tikapa Moana/ the Firth of Thames, the house and panoramic views made the most beautiful backdrop for the day.

Our first models of the day arrived and Shannon, our make up artist, went to work making them look even more beautiful. 

Krissy getting her makeup done Kate having her make up done

Because we couldn't find plus size models above a size 16, I had approached each of our models and asked if they would help us out. They generously volunteered their time (and even helped out with accessories!) so we could show off the garments on normal women's bodies. (Click here to check out our size chart and meet our models...)

Before trying on the garments each of our models would say, 'that looks great on her but it wont look or fit like that on me'. But every woman soon discovered that the stretch of the fabric and the cut of the garments worked on their body, even though they were different shapes and sizes. That was total success for us!

See what you think below:

Liesje in the Emerald wrap dress Krissy in the Emerald wrap dress

Kate in the Emerald wrap dress Meagan in the Emerald wrap dress

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Kate in the Turquoise Tapa Skirt Krissy in the Turquoise Tapa Skirt

There was so much laughter and fun through the day. Mike helped to bring out the essence of each woman with music, humour and pranks, and I hope you will agree that the individual beauty of each woman shines through fabulously.

 Here are some photos from the day:

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Krissy having a boogie to her fav song Meagan having a boogie to her fav song  Liesje and Krissy hamming it up  Krissy having a laugh  Scott and Liesje Rachel sorting garments Kate at the beach before the storm  Group shot! Krissy and Kate  Kate and Liesje overheating in the Butterfly Garden Krissy and Kate Meagan Ross and Scott's kitchen with beautiful Pacific colours


A heartfelt thanks for everyone who made the day possible, especially:

Mike Hill - the photographer with heart (and the most tattoos of the day!)

Ross & Scott - for lending us their home

Kate, Krissy, Meagan and Liesje - for your beautiful selves, gorgeous spirits and naughtiness (two hands Krissy)

Shannon - for your persistence especially in 30 degree heat and humidity of the butterfly garden

and finally 

Amanda and Lucy - for everything else.

Shine on xx

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